SharePoint Saturday Portland Slides

Thanks for an awesome event. I have posted the slides to slideshare since they are rather large. Display templates are attached to this post.

I am working on getting the video onto YouTube so stay posted. It does look like however that my camera ran out of space near the end of the presentation.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



SP.UI.ModalDialog.showWaitScreenWithNoClose and showModalDialog

Gotta love undocumented features. I have come to learn thanks to Sharepoint 2013 that for both the showModalDialog function and the showWaitScreenWithNoClose function you do not need to specify a height and width. If you do not provide these values SharePoint will automatically size your content for you.

I have been taking advantage of this “feature” for modal windows for quite some time. In the process of upgrading some web parts to SharePoint 2013, the larger fonts were causing problems with my wait messages. So I thought, why don’t I try and remove the height and width and see if SharePoint will handle it like it does modal windows. I removed the last two parameters and tried again and it worked beautifully.

For example change this

SP.UI.ModalDialog.showWaitScreenWithNoClose(“Processing”, “Your request is being processed. Please wait while this process completes.”, 100, 200);

to this

SP.UI.ModalDialog.showWaitScreenWithNoClose(“Processing”, “Your request is being processed. Please wait while this process completes.”);

and SharePoint will handle the sizing making it easier to deal with variable content size. Even on MSDN the parameters are not marked as optional. Hopefully they don’t pull this in the future.

SharePointlandia Demo and Amazon EC2

I decided this week to change my demo from running on my laptop with its limited RAM and move it to Amazon’s cloud. Amazon has a pretty sweet setup where you can pay by the hour for the server time that you need. I now have a server that can handle the requirements of SharePoint 2013 without as many headaches as I had with my laptop. I looked at using cloudshare when I was prepping my demo for SharePoint Saturday Utah but I didn’t feel like paying that much for a whole month when I only needed the server to be running for a few hours.

I have the server setup after some fun oauth issues in SharePoint 2013. Now I have the fun part of transferring my demo content to this new server.

For those that are thinking of trying to run SharePoint 2013 on your own laptop. If you only have 8GB of RAM or less do not go there. You can get it working but all of the required pieces on one machine is too much. In order to do my last demo I had to turn off a bunch of services to free up memory. I had to severely trim the services for Search and the sad part was that my presentation was on search. So I had it crawl the content I needed then I turned off the crawler and indexer to free up the memory. Luckily no-one asked for live search results or changes. Now with this server that I can turn on whenever I want and only pay for the time that it is running I no longer have this problem. I love technology.