SharePoint Server 2013 – Repair Install Error Message in Russian

Here is an interesting issue that I ran into recently. It took me a while realize what was going on so I figured I would share so others may benefit. I had a client where the SharePoint search died in dev. In the process of trying to get this back up someone had mentioned to just do a repair on the SharePoint install from Control Panel/Programs and Features. So I tried this and I got a really fun error message. Included above. Now it looks to me like this error message was in Russian. So I am asking myself, why is my environment giving me error messages in Russian. So I ran a psconfig and that completed just fine so I ran the repair again and got the same error message.

This morning I showed this to a coworker who speaks Russian and he confirmed that it was indeed Russian. Then the light came on, I can use Bing Translator on my phone to get the real error message. After doing this the resolution was simple. Here is the output of the translation from my phone.
SharePoint Error Russian Translation
Well this error message makes a lot more sense. So I went and downloaded the SharePoint 2013 Install with SP1 and when I ran the install it gave me the same options as the change from the programs and features. I selected repair and it started working. Interestingly the error message says to check the setup.chm file. So I went that as part of my searching. Well that file didn’t exist. So it is not helpful. The folder is there until you click close, then it goes away as well.

So if you see this error message in Russian with the number 1706. Go get the install files and try again.

Thank you Bing Translator!!

Best of Luck.