SharePoint Fest Denver 2017

I recently received word that I will be speaking at SharePoint Fest in Denver for 2017. This event runs May 30th-June 2nd. There are workshops running on May 30th and June 2nd with regular sessions in between. I have been selected to present the following sessions. I’ll update this article with more details and a discount code when I receive it. Visit for more details and to register.


May 30th 9:00AM-12:30PM WS 201 – Getting Started with SharePoint Development

SharePoint and Office365 have become the go to place to get information in most organizations. Are you prepared to create solutions that consume the data that is stored in these environments?

Come to this workshop to learn the information you need to get started creating applications that your organizations wants and needs. We will learn what tools are available to develop your applications. We will also cover how to best access the data that is stored in SharePoint and Office365.

General Sessions

May 31st 1:30PM-2:40PM DEV 103 – Using the Office Dev PNP to Accelerate Your Productivity

Microsoft has been backing and working on the Office Developer Patterns and Practices(PNP) to make our lives easier. We will talk about the functionality and tools that are available to us including code that we can integrate into our own projects and also already built PowerShell scripts.

Included as well in the PNP is site provisioning, this provides easy ways of applying branding and templates to sites at any point in time. We will discuss ways of automating this as part of site creation as well.

June 1st 10:00AM-11:10AM DEV 202 – Using Azure Apps to Create Applications that use Office 365

Azure Apps allow us to be able to access data that is stored in Office365 that users have access to. In this session, we will create an Azure application and then using Angular2 and node.js we will pull in user data from Office365 and work with that data while truly using Office365 as a service. Come see how we can integrate all these technologies together.

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