SPFx/JavaScript SIG Call June 22

5:15 – PnP JS Core Component

  • Released 2.0.6 Monday June 12th
  • Work started on graph support
  • Please provide ideas, thoughts, and feedback
  • https://gitter.im/OfficeDev/PnP-JsCore
  • 185 million requests using JS Core in May
  • 386 million requests using JS Core so far in June

11:22 – SharePoint Framework Latest

22:06 – Demos

  • Vesa Juvonen – Custom Dialogs
    • Tutorial coming out in days
    • Extend BaseDialog
    • Currently in Preview
  • Velin Giorgiev – Provisioning SP Assets in SPFx Package
    • Add assets to sharepoint folder in project
    • Elements.xml file has all the pieces that will be deployed. Part of the classic feature framework
    • Must add assets to the package-solution.json
  • Patrick Rodgers – GraphHttp Demo
    • Code not available yet
    • Very early code
    • Npm installing project from local files

Next meeting July 6th – New invite coming, same link

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