PnP Sites Core and PowerShell SIG August 24, 2017

This is the first PnP Core call since the invite reset. If you need the new invite get it here Also the PnP Core and PowerShell calls have been moved to Thursday so there will be a SPFx/JS call one week and the next week will be PnP Sites Core/PowerShell. So there will be a call every Thursday.

Miscellaneous Announcements – 5:34

API Status for Creating Communication Sites – 11:47

SharePoint Framework Solutions and Automating Provisioning to site(s) – Status – 15:09

  • Tenant scoped solution with extension, solution doesn’t need to be installed to site but still needs to be associated with necessary objects, site actions, etc.

Modern Page Functionality in PnP Sites Core – Bert – 23:08

  • Zones -> Sections
  • Sections -> Columns
  • Rename of these concepts introduces breaking change with August 2017 release
  • Modern page support is in the Pages handler
  • Can deploy web parts and extensions to pages.
  • 201705 schema can deploy web hooks, add and update
  • Template samples available in the test project

September Release Preview – Provisioning and Capability Improvements – Demo – Paulo – 44:18

  • Scheduled Release weekend of September 8th.
  • IRM policies can be deployed to/pulled from a list
  • Until September release you must manually specify that you want to use the 201705 schema
  • Can add scope to prevent deploying changes to wrong site type

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