SPFx and JavaSript SIG August 31, 2017

Pnp JS Core Update – 5:41

SharePoint Framework Latest News – 9:28

  • Ignite Info
    • 4 Sessions on SharePoint development at Ignite
    • PnP booth in expo hall
  • SharePoint Framework Extensions Release Candidate, SPFx v1.2 – https://dev.office.com/sharepoint/docs/spfx/extensions/changes-between-dev-preview-and-rc
    • Improvements and fixes for web parts
    • Office UI Fabric and React version updates
    • Not current ETA for General Availability, keep an eye out around Ignite timeframe, MS likes releasing near big conferences
    • Dev tenant no longer required
    • Requesting feedback
  • New guidance and tutorials
  • Sp Engineering team working on

    • SPFx Extensions
    • Site collection app catalog
    • On-premises support (2016 FP2)
    • GraphHttpClient (Release Candidate)
    • Dialog Control (Release Candidate)
    • ALM APIs, SPFx solutions provisioning and deployment


PnP JS Core Release 3.0.0 discussion – 47:34

  • Show how project has been rearchitected to move towards separation of files

Open Discussion – 41:51

  • Upgrading from extension preview to release candidate is not extensive
  • Onrender removed since not all customizers render something

Next Meeting September 14th

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