PnP Core/PowerShell SIG September 7, 2017

Miscellaneous Announcements – 3:40

  • Ignite 2017
    • 4 SharePoint Development sessions
    • Additional theater sessions in expo area
    • SharePoint PnP booth with PnP Core Team members
    • SharePoint topics in Office Dev pre-day

  • SPFx, How to get customizations to sites
    • To deploy customizations with no script on site you need SPFx so admin has to approve code running on site
    • Extensions GA “Pretty Soon”

Demo – Using PnP Provisioning Engine to automate modern site customization deployment with SPFx – 14:07

  • Using latest schema can create PnP Provisioning template to enable extensions and web parts
  • Must set “skipFeatureDeployment” to true in package-solution.json
  • Add package to app catalog
  • Can deploy site fields with ClientSideComponentId, the id of the field customizer
  • To deploy application customizer, deploy as CustomAction with ClientSideComponentId and ClientSideComponentProperties, location=”ClientSideExtension”

Demo – Controlling OOB site classification in the native provisioning flow – 41:00

  • Configuring group classification –
  • Settings are added to Azure AD but reflected in the new site menu for team sites.
  • At the moment, the classification does not change any site behavior, other than showing the classification in the header with link to Usage guideline URL.
  • Can retrieve settings through graph call, cannot currently set values through REST but must use PowerShell.
  • Selected value can be found in Classification property on the site collection
  • Classification can be changed in the API and the edit site information.

Q&A – 56:26

  • Extensions on available on classic sites – not currently working on that because of amount of work required to make it work in classic experience
  • What’s next after extensions? Polishing and refining the experience
  • Can sites be classified if they are created from the SPO Admin Center? Currently no UI for this but can be set through PowerShell or programmatically through site Classification property.

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