PnP September 2017 Monthly Call

SharePoint Dev Ecosystem (SharePoint Patterns and Practices), taking over messaging and communication for developer items.

Monthly Highlights – 3:01

Contribution and other Topics – 12:56

  • Recognized contributors to the PnP initiative.


  • Franck Cornu – PnP Starter Intranet v2 – 15:52
    • Solution is totally free as usual
    • Carousel, news, events on home page
    • Webcast detailing functionality coming soon
    • V2 supports mobile devices with custom masterpage and is responsive
    • Search options managed by search settings
    • Includes people directory
    • Deploy with PowerShell
    • Can deploy with one or multiple languages, controlled in language script file
    • Menus are stored in browser local storage to improve performance
    • New Add to Calendar option for events
    • News Components are driven by display templates
  • Chris Kent – Clone Listview Commandset – 32:35

  • Erwin Van Hunen – PowerShell Changes – 42:27
    • 241 command-lets for online right now
    • A lot of internal fixing and documentation changes
    • Records management needs activated feature Set-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagement -On
      • Next month Enable-PnPInPlaceRecordsManagementForSite and disable
    • Command-lets for setting an item as record
    • Set_PnPField to set field values
    • Remove-PnPUser to remove user from user information list
    • Command-lets for modern pages


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