SharePoint PnP JavaScript SIG October 12

PnP JS Core Update – 7:19


SharePoint Framework Latest – 10:09


Next Meeting October 26th

PnP Core/PowerShell/Provisioning SIG October 19, 2017


  • Column Formatting
  • Coming soon to dev preview
  • Enables simple UI level configurations on specific column

  • Already available in provisioning engine just have to wait for functionality to be released to your Tenant


  • Preview – weeks than months
  • Application Lifecycle Management APIs

GDPR Activity Hub

  • Makes it easier to manage GDPR Rules
  • Allows tracking of events and happenings in your site
  • Includes Dashboard for summary
  • Sample workflows and web parts
  • Automated setup and provisioning
  • Asking for feedback


Office PnP SPFx/JS SIG October 26

SharePoint Framework Latest – 6:23

  • SharePoint Development documentation moved to
  • Reusable controls for SharePoint Framework Solutions
    • Announced at Ignite
  • Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Framework
    • Demo presented by Vesa – 12:22
    • Automates yeoman commands
  • Roadmap – SharePoint Development
    • Just shipped – Week of Ignite
      • SPFx On-Premises (client-side web parts on classic pages)
      • Easily deploy Web Parts and extensions across your enterprise
      • Yeoman Generator 1.3 that understands On-premise and Cloud
      • SPFx Extensions General availability
      • Tenant Properties, you can store and manage for your SPFx components
      • Modern custom themes
    • Coming Soon
      • Office UI Fabric Core support
      • More MS-Graph support
      • ALM APIs for scripted deployment of SPFx components – Preview recorded in October 19 SIG
      • Assets included in deployment packages
      • Site specific App Catalog to allow for scoped deployment
      • Site designs with extensibility point


Q&A – 58:56

  • To call azure functions from SPFX is the iframe pattern still recommended? – Yes, to not have to expose an anonymous function

Next Meeting November 9th.

OfficeDev PnP SIG October 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Announcements – 2:22

  • Recordings should be now available –
    • BRK2250
    • BRK3066 – Advancing the SharePoint Developer Community
    • BRK3267 – Let’s build with SharePoint
    • BRK4031 – Building the modern SharePoint experience: Best practices from the Microsoft for developing with SPFx
  • Documentation moved to
  • SharePoint Development Roadmap

  • Looks like all the coming soon should be out by the end of the calendar year

Modern themes and Site Designs – provisioning PREVIEW – 10:37

  • Site scripts define what happens to the out of the box site after the site is created
  • Anatomy of a site script

  • Site scripts can be applied on top of existing sites as well
  • Site scripts can also be targeted to certain groups and people in AD
  • Supported at release

Demo – 31:26

  • Demo of site designs with site scripts and flow trigger
  • Currently add Site designs through REST and can call multiple site scripts
  • “save-module -Name SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline -Path <yourpath>” to save needed PowerShell files for Azure Function

Q&A – 53:38

  • Possible to apply recipe if site is created via REST API? – Yes, will be endpoint available to apply site script