Creating an Executive Town Hall Using Microsoft Stream and Yammer

The more I work with Microsoft Stream, the more I love this tool. With working with this so much, I get asked this particular question a lot, “How do I create an executive town hall using stream?” I figured it would be good to write this post about how to accomplish this since this isn’t easily discoverable online.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is the ideal tool to use when creating a town hall experience because we get interaction and a lot of AI features that make this pretty sweet. We have three options for hosting our live events in the Office 365 platform: Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and directly in Microsoft Stream. Live Events in Microsoft Teams provides some pretty cool features. These events can be consumed by people external to your organization, if you’d like. They can have moderated questions and comments. There is a simple interface for producing the event where you can choose to have a full screen layout for video or screen content or a large pane for content and a small pane for presenter video for example. These events also provide some of the power of Microsoft Teams because you have the option to download attendee analytics after the event to see how many people watched the event, and when they connected and disconnected. The one drawback of using Microsoft Teams, at this point, is that the video doesn’t make it into Microsoft Stream. To get the power of Microsoft Stream you need to download the video and upload it into Stream manually. For all live events in Office 365 you have two options for producing the content that your audience will view. The first is to use the Microsoft Teams live event tool to control the content. This option is available for live events hosted in Microsoft Teams and Yammer. The second option is to use an external encoder. This option is available for all three hosting options. The videos produced with this method will be available in Microsoft Stream after the live is complete. This option provides the most flexibility in controlling the video that is generated. The tools to do this are plentiful and varied. You can use an app on your phone as the encoder or an application on a computer. Today we are going to be talking about using Yammer with the external encoder method, and we’ll be using Open Broadcaster Software, OBS, available from OBS is an open source video recording and live streaming tool that provides a lot of power. It can be a bit daunting at first but once you figure out the basics you can look like a professional in no time. Continue reading “Creating an Executive Town Hall Using Microsoft Stream and Yammer”