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I have Worked with SharePoint since December of 2006. Before that I was an ASP.Net developer working on all sorts of custom applications. I also have experience working with mobile applications and think that they are a good fit for extending the functionality of any web site including SharePoint sites.

I have experience with SharePoint 2003 – 2013. I have loved the progress that the product has made over the years. The more I use SharePoint the more I love it.

I have received the MSCPD and MSCTS for SharePoint 2010 and I have recently received my MCSE: SharePoint and MCSA: Office 365.

I have worked for ZAACT for over 6 years. I love the challenges of being a consultant. It helps stave off boredom.

I am currently the Utah SharePoint User Group President and President of the Utah SharePoint Saturday Committee.

Ryan Schouten

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey,

    we currently ran in to a situation with SPFx command actions. What we have developed is a export to excel button for listviews. We are not able to identify the List name or even retrieve the fields. Is this a known issue ?

    Our idea is – when users try to export the selected list view items, the feature should ask what fields should be exported. and then proceed to export.. any assistance would be great!

    1. You should be able to pull the list. You need to access the context, the list name will be in list.context.pageContext.list and the columns will be in context.listView.columns.

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