ITG becomes ZAACT

Update(1/20/2016): The company put up their own blog post ITG Becomes ZAACT. In their post they added where the name came from. I think I may still have fun with my Joker moments though. Time will tell.

The company that I work for recently decided, for numerous reasons, to rename itself. Most of these reasons boil down to the fact that using an acronym as your main company name makes it easy to have conflicts. There are several ITGs across the United States, and this can cause problems with brand recognition. The renaming process has been a long one. It is a challenge to try and find a new name for an existing company because all the employees have an interest in what it should be called. After several surveys and some really bad names, thrown out early on, ITG had a reveal party last week where the new name was announced to employees and partners. Continue reading “ITG becomes ZAACT”